Forming only just a few months ago, the Nashville Non Prophets are gaining momentum. With two recently released singles, Knights To Come and Tennessee Ground and several kick-ass live shows in and around Nashville this summer, it’s no surprise that NNP lands in the Top Five Rock Bands as announced by ISSA.

NNP tore down The Pour House in Raleigh, NC this past Sunday at their live show, alongside bands Rattle & Shakes and The Black Feathers. A great, high-energy crowd gathered to cheer the bands on, including the Cliff Wheeler Band. Not only have NNP and the Cliff Wheeler Band played a couple shows together, they’re also friends and support each other’s live performances. Something you don’t see often in today’s music industry.

The new #FandomVideo for Tennessee Ground was just released this week and already has close to 500 views! That’s on the heels of the #FandomVideo for Knights To Come, which now has well over 5,000 views! The guys are working hard on more new music, so stay tuned. With the amazing new tunes, the deserving awards and the amazing live shows, it’s clear there is no stopping the Nashville Non Prophets!

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